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    Maybe, it is something to do with his Soviet sympathising over the years. Maybe it has something to do with his admiration of Maduro socialism in Venezuela. Maybe because I am rather suspicious of the people who are his chief advisers, such as Seamus Milne, Andrew Murray (and relatives!) and Len McCluskey.Maybe because of proposals such as the Lifetime Tax. Maybe because his wannabe Chancellor has a stated aim of wanting to bring about the downfall of Capitalism and maybe because , the same fellow was sacked by Ken Livingstone for being too left wing! Maybe because the likes of Corbyn and McDonnell are driven by some outdated ideology that would, in all likelihood,. bankrupt the country. Maybe because many decent and moderate Labour politicians are horrified that the hard left and Momentum have taken over the party.etc.etc.
    On a slightly different tack, I would also fear for the security of this country with Corbyn as P.M. and I am sure that the security service chiefs would feel the same way. I don't believe he has the leadership, managerial or intellectual qualities to be leader of the Opposition, let alone P.M.He had been a rebellious backbench MP for the whole of his political career and regarded as a nobody, until, to 'widen the choice' in the Labour Party leadership contest the likes of Frank Field nominated him to run. Wow, what a disaster that turned out to be. The £3 Labour Party gang piled in and hey presto, Jezza became leader! Sadly, the result is that when the Tory party is in a shambles, there is no decent opposition to takes its place.It is surely a fact, that had Labour elected a decent moderate, instead of 'Magic Grandpa', they would be way ahead in the polls. The British public do not like hard left or hard right politics and that is the reason why Corbyn and his dangerous Chancellor have failed to gain the traction any reasonable Opposition party should.
    I am no politico and I have put down a few random thoughts; no doubt an 'enthusiast' could do a far more polished job, than me!
    Too long. Didn’t read as it’s shite

    BTW have you heard of paragraphs

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