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Thread: Palace druggies

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    Palace druggies

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    Not OVERLY surprising.

    CRYSTAL PALACE are top of the league - when it comes to taking drugs at football matches.

    A nationwide poll of fans who regularly attend games, called The Fan Survey, found that 33 per cent of Eagles supporters had witnessed drug-taking at games.

    The study didn't reveal what kind of drugs fans were taking, but cocaine is thought to be the most commonly abused substance at matches.

    A recent investigation found there had been a ten per cent rise in arrests for cocaine at stadiums across the country in the past year, with 68 arrests last season alone.

    But police believe the 68 arrests are just the tip of the iceberg and the problem is only going to get worse as fans snort the class A drugs on the terraces and in toilets.

    A Crystal Palace spokesman acknowledged there was an issue. "We are well aware that there is an element of our support that regularly arrives at the ground absolutely smacked off their tits. We host a wide demographic of south London arsonists, cokeheads, burglars and ratboys who infest the stadium (sic) on matchdays, which serves to lend Selhurst Park its unique atmosphere, and long may it continue".

    Roy Hodgson was unavailable for comment.
    "But you accept that there is an increased risk of vehicle/bat collision"


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