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    Quote Originally Posted by greyseagull View Post
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    I can't remember because I was really young
    Quote Originally Posted by Freddie Goodwin. View Post
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    Can't remember hearing my 1st but I was really shocked when, as a mouthy teen, I took a Sunday job at the tripe factory and heard adults using words I thought only us teens used.
    I also cvnt remember.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Harry Wilson's tackle View Post
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      My middle brother, aged about six at the time (I was 8), called me a c*** when we were having a day at Shoreham Beach. He got a whack across the back of the legs from the old man for that.

      He was right, though

      In answer to @AmexRuislip's question, I can remember getting told off at school aged 7 when I told someone to 'fack off' (actual pronunciation shown) so I guess it was around then.

      I'll finish with a joke I was told, aged five. Still one of my absolute favourites.

      A lady had three dogs, called 'Bum', 'Tits' and 'Willy'. One day they ran away.
      She found a policeman and asked "Have you seen my bum, tits and willy?"
      The policeman said "No, but I'd like to"
      Is there a @Harry Wilson's tackle museum of pedantry quotations in Faversham or Portslade.
      If so it'll be worth going to, provided there is know entrance fea
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      Can’t recall first time I heard any, but most of my friends were younger siblings, so they picked up a lot of words from their older brothers or sisters.

      I remember being 5 and telling my mum that my younger brother (3 at the time) should ‘f*** off’ - she screamed at me and sent me to my dad to tell him what I’d said. He was very good actually and just said not to say it again.

      Then a couple of years later, I’d heard a mate call his sister a brand new word I’d never hear before.
      That night I tried it out and called my brother a ‘c***’ - again in front of my mum. She again screamed at me and literally threw me downstairs to tell my dad what I’d said. I couldn’t get the word out, as I was scared, so I had to spell it. He stopped me at ‘u’ and again explained that was the worst word I could say and not to use it again!

      In not unrelated news, I was also about 7 when I asked my mum what a couple words I’d again heard at school meant.
      1. Climax - she got me to ask my dad again!
      2. I asked her what a ‘Gaylord’ was? - she said it was a type of bird.
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      When I started at the Knoll academy for gentle folk in Hove. Neither of my parents ever swore
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      This morning on Victoria LIVE
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      I first heard the words Crystal Palace when I was about 9.

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      Back to class you little shits. Aged 5. 1982. School caretaker when we caught him drinking whiskey in the workshop.
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      Jingle Bells,
      Batman smells,
      Robin flew away.
      Uncle Billy,
      Lost his willy,
      On the motorway,
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      According to my mum, I didn't talk til I was three. Not due to any developmental issue, I just didn't want to and would do so in my own time (I havent shut up since). However, on a snowy day taking my big sister to school, I stopped, turned to my mum and uttered my first words:

      "It's bloody cold out here isn't it".
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      You can't even read and yet you respond. It's really quite sad. Like a beached whale desperately thrashing about on a beach, except there's no one willing to push you back into the sea. Because the whale is a ****.
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      I'll not bring it across, for fear if bringing the forum into disrepute.
      But currently on Twitter someone is attempting to explain 'to America' the subtle nuances of the word 'bollox'.

      So far the thread has a little over 30 different definitions.

      that's a mightily impressive bit of heavy lifting from one 7 (or 8) letter word.
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