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    When did you become an Albion fan?

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    I didn't come from a football supporting family, so I was late to the Albion party. I followed our results on Ceefax and in the paper, but like all the other school boys I "supported" one of the big sides.

    I did attend a game at the Goldstone once thanks to a friend's parents, but was too young to appreciate it. I followed the club's results through the Gillingham years, and was old enough to actively want to go to a game when we finally returned home at Withdean.

    So I eagerly asked my parents to take me to the first game against Mansfield. Who can forget that day in August, 20 years ago, thrashing them 6-0. That was the day I became an Albion fan, and after that I was hooked. The rest is history.

    When did you become an Albion fan?


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