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    Newcastle really isnt 'sh*t'. People giving this a swerve are really missing out IMHO. Okay there is a bit of a climb but the view isnt that bad, you can see all of the pitch unlike at some places like Everton, Palace, Burnley or Liverpool. Don't be to hasty to disregard a trip to St.James' Park. And the options for beers are astonishing.
    Very much this.

    I was in the back row of that stand last season, and the view was spectacular. The whole of the pitch in view (obvs), the Tyne Bridge and the city in the background. Had no issues seeing what was going on on the pitch, but then I'm always a bit of a fan of being high up, speaking as a WSU resident. Its a grand stadium in a great location right in the heart of the city. Can't say for definite I'll be going again this coming season as it depends when it is, but I'll be up for trying to make the trip again, if the timing and the finances allow.
    "But you accept that there is an increased risk of vehicle/bat collision"


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