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Thread: Internet Radio

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    Internet Radio

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    Morning all, I find myself working from home a lot more these days and I always like something on in the background so normally put the radio on as SSN gets very tiresome once you've seen an hour of it.

    I usually have TalkSport on but I can't stand Jim White and Alan Brazil has really started to grind my gears recently. It seems to have gone massively down hill since becoming part of the New UK family. This morning was the final straw when they had that dick David Blaine on doing card tricks......great feature for radio!

    I do from time to time flirt with X FM but Chris Moyles is unbearable.

    I don't at the moment have a radio in my home office so I listen to the radio through my TV using TuneIn which has more stations from across the world than I'd know what to do with and sadly the search functionality on the app is was wondering if anyone has any recommendations? I like the sort of music played on XFM, indie rock stuff. My only stipulation is it has to be available on TuneIn or ANOther app available in the Samsung App store.

    Over to you NSC....


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