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    Bloody Worthing!

    75th Anniversary of D-Day

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    It'll be hard not to notice this in the next week as the quiet, dignified and self effacing well known war hero (or rather draft dodger) Donald pops over the pond to help us commemorate the occasion.

    Of course the generation that went through the war is now almost gone. The baby boomers they left behind - whose greatest peril, if I am representative, would have been to fall off their platform heels - had it easy, largely thanks to the sacrifices of those who went before.

    But you do wonder what the generation who suffered stoically would make of the lot that came after us. Those who lived through the rationing and privations of the war years, whose loved ones 'didn't come back' from the war and often those who did who simply wouldn't talk about it, might watch askance at the traumas of, say, Love Island where intensive counselling follows being giving the elbow by a perma-tanned body builder from Burnley.

    I suppose that's progress.


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