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    Women paid extra to wear skirts to work...

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    In order to get the extra payment, the women have to wear a skirt or dress that's no longer than 5cm from the knee.

    How do they prove it? Simple - they send the company a photo.

    Questioned on why the company had introduced the "femininity marathon", they answered: "We wanted to brighten up our work days, our team is 70% male. These kinds of campaigns help us switch off, rest. This is a great way to unite the team."

    It's ok though. If a woman doesn't feel like doing that, she can always enter the dumpling-making competition.

    Apparently, the CEO "...really wants to maintain the female essence in every female employee of the company, so that young women do not have male haircuts, do not change into trousers, so that they engage themselves in handicraft, project all their warmth into raising children."

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