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    Quote Originally Posted by sheebo View Post
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    A) You make decent enough points but...
    B) I think Harty has let out some of his anger at nasty wankers making death threats on you and your post - not the right thing to do but can understand his stress at the same time
    C) Can see both sides of this - kiss and make up - you’ve backed up your point elequently there tbf
    D) We can always handle situations better every day - all of us as we all know - and we’re all allowed an opinion.
    E) What reality TV show we’re you on?!
    Thank you (genuinely)

    NO EXCUSE for death threats or anything of that nature AT ALL

    I take fathers word for it, I’m sure Amy is a very lovely girl beyond what I’ve seen

    Many of the other contestants have not strictly done themselves a service and have all had their moments. I’d argue with a camera in your face 24/7 it’s almost impossible to come out squeaky. We are all only human after all. So I could not agree more, we can ALL do better, including me

    Sadly I feel Amy’s behaviour is frankly very common place and so she is more than likely in the majority so who am I or anyone else to judge her

    I apologise for my degree of tact. I would have been more gentle had I of known. Tbh I had high expectations of a local BAHA supporter and so likely judged her more severely than I otherwise would.

    I must confess, I do forget how young they all are

    Makes me wonder how much more sensitive we would all be in our opinions of our club we all love so dearly if we knew all the players etc took the time to read and consider all our opinions

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      Quote Originally Posted by ChickenBaltiPie View Post
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      Oh haha, now I understand your passion

      You have opinion and hindsight I cannot possibly have so I will simply make my judgement upon what I see (as you well might about the other ‘contestants’ you aren’t so familiar with) and you cannot possibly expect me to do otherwise. I’m not omnipresent

      If it helps, I have no alternative/greater opinion of your daughter based on what I’ve seen thus far, positive or negative

      I’m not a parent, do I need to be to watch television and have an opinion on what I’m shown?

      I watch a public TV program and I express an opinion of what I see on a public internet forum, how does that make me a warrior? Programs of this nature are designed to encourage debate, and perception and opinion and conversation. You really need to be more accepting of that, even when my opinion is not the same as yours and couldn’t possibly be, because I’m not your daughters father, you are. Don’t be naive. You need far more patience and a much thicker skin.

      I’m confident you think she could’ve handled the situation better

      As well you may have handled the situation you now subsequently find yourself in better by representing your daughter and defended her character far more positively

      A colleague told me today they think your daughter is a bully. At least I was more diplomatic than that

      I’ve done my stint on reality TV myself and I don’t expect a perfect stranger to judge me for anything other than what they saw of me on the box. It comes with the territory I am afraid and the day I stepped in front of the cameras I made my peace with that
      I wasn’t being patronising, I just wondered how you would react if you saw a collection of messages that said they wanted to kill your daughter because of something they’d seen on ITV?

      We clearly both have a common love the Albion, and that alone should enable us to amicably agree to disagree.

      For the benefit of your work colleague the next few weeks and months will prove beyond any reasonable doubt that they are wrong, she’s clearly not a bully, anything but.

      On advice from a number of friends on NSC, I will not be commenting on this thread for the foreseeable future. Not flouncing though ;)


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      Quote Originally Posted by DarrenFreemansPerm View Post
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      I’d imagine characters like Chris and Kem are living a fairly comfortable life now.
      Wes from last years show ain’t doing too bad either !
      "It's better to be a 'has been' than a never will be !"
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      Quote Originally Posted by Hiney View Post
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      On an individual basis, I don't get the love for Maura. She is a scraggy bint who comes across as a complete slapper.
      Glad someone feels the same. I find her whole personality desperate and creepy. Totally unattractive. Lucie on the other hand......
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      I thought Amy had been doing well, but it looks as if she has been fingered.
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      Lucie needs to ditch that poor little crybaby waif act sometime soon shirley? Getting boring now. And patently fake.
      Buy The Ticket,Take The Ride - Hunter S. Thompson
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      All about Arabella now...
      I listen to bands that don't even exist yet.
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      Ian Hart's reaction on here is understandable, yet tediously predictable. Two or three weeks ago, he could barely contain his pride: "130,000 applicants down to the final 12 is a great achievement in itself".

      Sorry @Lenny Rider, it was never "a great achievement" that a handful of ITV execs decided there was a great chance she'd probably make good telly, especially given the dubious nature of this show. And now the chickens have come home to roost and you're stooping so low as to offer a mobile phone number to someone on here. Who'd have thought it? FFS.

      What an utterly shit premise for a TV show, you won't catch me watching a second of it. This sort of show should be banned, they are a stain on society and bring out the worst in absolutely everyone - the contestants, those close to the contestants, and the absolute turds on social media who just believe absolutely everything they see on edited highlights that are designed to maximise ratings and slaughter people because of it without a moment's thought for what they are saying.
      Quote Originally Posted by Baldseagull View Post
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      Calderon is the type of guy that if your daughter married, you would worry that she was not good enough for him.
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      Quote Originally Posted by DarrenFreemansPerm View Post
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      I can’t help but think that last night’s episode was ridiculously unfair, or is it just me? Potty mouthed Maura and the freighter that is Anna get a reprieve, whilst two from Lucie, Joe, Anton and Alma, who were all in all legitimate couples get the boot! Wtf! Sorry, but no, how is it fair that tugboat (Anna) gets a free pass purely because none of the chaps wanted to be with her.
      Very harsh on Anna, she's lovely.

      I'd rather look at her than Maura, the scrawny BINT
      The definitive archive of Albion programmes

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