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    The FA Cup - Are fans responsible for killing it?

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    There appears to be a general trend by some to denounce our FA Cup run as not worthy of recognition because we struggled to beat, X, Y and Z.

    Isn't that the point of the FA Cup? Isn't that the romance, you're not expected to necessarily walk into a tie against a side 1 league below you, 2 leagues, non league and just win. Didn't we play Millwall at their ground because they had beaten Everton? Didn't we play Derby because they had beaten Southampton? Is Man City's FA Cup not as good as others because they didn't play anyone in the top 6, having just Rotherham, Burnley, Newport, Swansea, Us and Watford - bit easy wasn't it?

    If that is a general reflection of how supporters see it, that close victories against Bournemouth, West Brom, Derby, Millwall leading to defeat in the semi final isn't really worth any merit given the nature of the opposition, or the quality of the performance, then has the cup really lost all value not just of financial importance to the clubs, but for recognition of supporters?

    I'm generally dumbfounded that getting to a semi final has been treated with such apathy.

    That apathy across the game in turn reflected in attendance with ticket prices in many cases the same you would expect to pay in an Ishmian Premier League game. What message are fans sending exactly when we sell out Premier League games outside our Season Ticket holders for £50 per ticket, and yet where is the sell out for a £10 FA Cup tie?

    We got to a quarter final last season, then went 1 further with a semi final. Why on earth would we want to belittle our growing cup pedigree, simply to serve a narrative regarding a manager change? I honestly don't get it.


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