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  • Naive, lots of thrashings and relegation/sacking

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  • Breath of fresh air we’ll do well

    125 29.14%
  • Enjoyable but a relegation fight

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  • Other

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    I expect a relegation scrap under Potter but he clearly has the impetus to transform the side which is a risk we simply needed to take. I'm pretty confident that the likes of Dunk, Bernardo, Montoya, March, Bissouma, Propper and perhaps even U23's like Gyokeres or Connolly will be well suited to his methods. We need to be ruthless and I expect his appointment will be the catalyst for freshening up the squad - and expanding the number of players we expect to contribute.

    I'm happy with this risk as we were clearly going to be in another relegation scrap (at best) under Hughton. Apart from his ultra defensive setup and reliance on Murray and Gross we simply had no effective alternatives. This is despite Hughton having a huge opportunity to evolve the side with so much breathing space mid season.

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      Without at least one effective marquee signing we’ll be 15-17th again. It’s a moving target, we can’t afford to stand still, we’ve lost our most skilful player, our new signings didn’t convince, our competitors will be strengthening, we must strengthen, if we don’t, we’ll be worse.
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      Finish 16th or 17th, but with more entertaining football, some of the U-23’s getting game time in the league & Solly March getting an England call up after impressing at RWB.
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      I'm pessimistic to be honest. It seems to me the board have taken the easy way out of a change in manager to appease the fans. What happens now will entirely depend on spending big and a massive squad turnover. Will that happen? What do you think?

      I was critical of Hughton but he wasn't the real problem, the woeful signings were.... plus all our key goal-scoring players (Murray, Gross, Jose) turning shit at the same time.

      What I think we are losing sight of is that Hughton's pragmatism managed that dire situation, not perfectly by any stretch but better than most would have, including our new guy I fear.
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      16th and upwards is progress

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      Some people seem to have forgotten the Club existed before Hughton and will survive without him.
      Clear to anyone who goes Home and Away now was the Time for a change.
      Potter knows he cannot change our way of play overnight so will want to get a couple of key signings in.
      At Home I want us to dominate the game from the off and not sit back and actively look forward (not Top6).
      Away I just want us to have some intent on attack when we get the ball and the odd shot or 2 would be good.
      The style of play needs to be more uptempo and aggressive so there are plenty of the current crop that will be on there way.
      Think this is a real opportunity for Molumby, Gyokeres and Connolly
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      A breath of fresh air and we'll be comfortably away from danger. We might not set the world alight but I'm thinking we can become like Bournemouth - not tipped every year to go down.

      The Cups - who knows how Mister Potter will view them?
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      Really looking forward to next season now. Still relegation contenders I reckon but a much more entertaining ride. For me, I would be happy with 40 points, safety and two or three players who have demonstrably improved or are better than what we have at the moment
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      Voted 'other' for the simple reason that I haven't got a clue how he will do.

      What happens in this transfer window will make a huge difference - if we have to completely overhaul the squad to get the kind of players he wants in, it won't be good - our budget would be spread too thinly and we'd finish up with a job lot of mostly journeymen and wannabees again, no better than the players we've got. If we buy two or three really good (expensive!) players - automatic starters every game, visibly improving the team (which is what I'd hoped we'd be doing with Hughton) it might be OK.

      I'll continue supporting the club, the Chairman, the team and the manager ("The king is dead; long live the king" and all that) but I have yet to be convinced that Uncle Tony hasn't made a huge mistake. I'm not saying he has, not saying that at all, but just waiting for actual concrete evidence to show he hasn't dropped a brick before I get too excited.
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      Not a clue because up until we sacked our best ever manager I'd never heard of him.

      I just hope the huge gamble pays off whoever becomes our new manager.
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