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    Albion (Hughton?) performance - the short term effect of Ashworth's appointment?

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    Dan Ashworth started work with the Albion on 12 Feb 2019.

    There were 26 matches in the 2018/19 PL season before 12 Feb 2019. At that point we were 14th in the League, with 27 points. PPG = 1.04.

    Since 12 Feb 2019, there have been 12 PL games. We finished in 17th, having achieved a further 9 points from those 12 games. PPG = 0.75.

    And people said that the appointment of Ashworth wouldn't upset the applecart.

    Some, including me, said it would, at least in the short term, and these stats would support the argument that it did. And, arguably, Hughton lost his job as a consequence.

    Note: I am not saying that Ashworth's a bad bloke, nor that his appointment isn't in the best mid/long-term interest of the club as I simply don't know. Rather, I'm simply saying that I called it as a "fudge" at the time of his appointment (albeit with my predicted victim being Winstanley, not Hughton), and that (tongue firmly in cheek) "...after all there’s no history of an incoming Technical Director having caused internal ructions in other pro football clubs..."
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