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    Quote Originally Posted by Kosh View Post
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    Fair enough, I remain unconvinced. I still have a bad feeling about this one
    He has no PL experience, and he's going to be bringing a new style to our club. You're far from the only one concerned it might not work out, but it's also possible it might go well. There are no guarantees, but it's an exciting prospect, so most here are hopeful and excited for the coming season.

    and the way CH was treated has left a very bad taste.
    Bloom has decided the best for the club is to change manager. Once he's decided that, there's no easy way to do it. I'm sure that Chris has been treated with total respect, as well as gratitude for what he has achieved for our club.

    I need a break.

    Bye x
    Good plan. See you at Christmas.
    Thank you Chris, you're a legend.

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