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    Eurovision Song Contest 2019 - The Official Thread & Sweepstake

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    Yep, time for me to do my best Crodo impression again and tell you all that's nearly time for the musical feast that is the Eurovision Song Contest - and yes, we will still be in it if/when Brexit ever happens.

    The first semi-final is on Tuesday of next week (live on BBC4 I believe) and will feature 17 countries fighting over 10 spots in the Grand Final. The second semi-final is two days later and will see 18 countries competing for another 10 places in the Grand Final on Saturday 18th May. The final will feature 26 songs in all - the twenty countries who have qualified from the semi-finals, plus the 'Big 5' (Spain, France, Germany, Italy and the UK) and the host nation (Israel).

    All of this means that, as per NSC tradition, I'll be running a sweepstake to give everyone someone to root for while the UK inevitably ends up at or near the bottom of the leaderboard yet again. There are 41 countries competing in total, so the first forty expressions of interest in response to this thread will bag themselves a spot in the draw.

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