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    WW2 footage shows Sussex soldiers sending messages home

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    Great to see. Thanks for posting it.
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    What intrigued me was the lack of yokel accent, I thought some would have had. I know you weren't necessarily from Sussex to be in that Regt but they acknowledged they were. Anyway, it's a lovely bit of footage although I'm sure I've seen it before so not sure it's that big a reveal. GOSBTS was sung in the jungles of Burma as the 'Forgotten Army' pushed the Japs back, Sir Max Hastings 'Nemesis' book acknowledges this!
    “Everything about this looks wrong. The run-up is too long, too straight, and you know it’s going over the bar ... it goes over the bar, and Brighton have stolen a trip to Wembley! That is an absolute burglary! And that is the FA Cup!”


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