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    So what's going to happen to the 'V'

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    When we changed formation mid year from 4-4-1-1 to the infamous 'V', I got the impression that it wasn't a CH 'let's go for it' change, but one that had been planned and agreed across the whole footballing side of the club for some time.

    I saw Leroy Rosenior in an interview talking about the 'V' and wondered if the signings of Ali G and Locadia were both with the intention of playing the one traditional winger, and one wide attacker which we seemed to adopt following the change. I understand that this was also the way the U23's were being lined up and trained and Andone could also be that more mobile striker seemingly needed for this change.

    I have to say I thought it started well, with us looking more dangerous going forward and Propper seeming to enjoy his more attacking role. It did tend to leave the full back covering the wide attacker more exposed and with only 1 holding midfielder, we started to look dodgy when teams broke against us. However, we did introduce it at the beginning of a long run of hard matches and Gross didn't seem as effective in the new set up.

    But as that run started to take it's toll, you could see the confidence draining and the longer the run went on the worse it got, with players who we know are better, seemingly losing all form. Eventually, (and it appears hopefully, just in time) we reverted to 4-4-1-1 at Wolves and then had a run of 3 matches where you could see the confidence gradually coming back (well, for 2.5 of those games !).

    So, I believe the issue is going to be whether re-introduce the 'V' this summer to make ourselves more attacking going forward, or do we spend all our dosh looking for the Murray replacement in a 4-4-1-1.

    What would you prefer and what do you think will happen ?


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