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  • Yes, we are shit so this is our best chance of staying up

    116 38.93%
  • No, Cardiff are as shit as us and a win pretty much guarantees safety

    182 61.07%
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    Tomorrow night, would you take a point now?

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    It will interesting to see how many of those who say yes are also accusing CH of being too negative.

    After all if we actually win it we'd be 8 points clear and with a better goal difference - there is no way Cardiff are overhauling that IMO especially as I think we'd get another point from Wolves or Newcastle. And as shit as we undoubtedly are at the moment, Cardiff aren't any better. They simply don't score goals normally, although it will have been a while since they played against a defence as shit and flaky as ours has been recently.

    I'd like to see the Albion go all out for the win here.
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