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    Albion v Bournemouth, (grim) REPORT

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    Well, yeah - I wouldn’t bother either, if I were you...

    And then in one pathetic angry moment, the game was up. The Albion’s best move of the game released Locadia into the box. The Dutchman squared, invitingly for Murray- but a Bournemouth foot reached the ball first, and the ball broke loose. As Bournemouth’s Adam Smith let the ball roll across him, to clear, Anthony Knockaert’s frustration exploded into a ridiculous, unforgivable flying assault, that saw him inevitably dismissed to angry words from BOTH sets of players.

    Within just one week, petulant little high-maintenance French genius, has been Man of the Match against a billion pound team at Wembley, received the Premier League Goal of the Month award for an absolute beauty at our arch rivals, and now thrown a game and picked up a ban for three crucial matches, for acting like an angry spoiled child, owing his PlayStation controller at the TV. Anthony Knockaert, ladies and gentlemen.
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