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    Quote Originally Posted by teammelli View Post
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    I can, based off the times I've seen him substituted out and then watched as his replacement's flank becomes the big hole that the opposing team exploits. And in games when he hasn't played?..

    The effect is clear: in EPL games where Alireza has played more than 70 minutes, Brighton have 5 wins and 2 losses (one against Chelsea..). That's 15 of Brighton's 33 points (45%) all season have come in the SEVEN games Alireza has played a significant role in.

    He needs to bulk up, sure, but what gives you the impression his work-rate is "ordinary"? Because he doesn't hotheadedly charge at three defenders recklessly and lose the ball when he has the option to pass to an open player? Because he doesn't throw a fit every time something doesn't go his way or yell at a teammate so that he can show his "passion"? Anthony Knockaert has had 15 EPL games where he has played 70 minutes or more (I won't even include Bournemouth when he got the red at 68'). Brighton's record in those 15 games? 4 win 3 ties 8 losses, LESS wins and EQUAL points than with Alireza in the team despite Alireza being played less than HALF as many games. So what use or good is all this presumed "work-rate" and passion if you don't get results?

    I agree, which is why I hope to see other Brighton fans not demean him or insult his dedication to the team when he plays a strong game and important role, but doesn't score.
    You quote stats with and without him and then say itís a team game?

    It is foolish to say heís the cause of a win or a defeat, perhaps he played in easier games (Huddersfield home?) - we win and lose together.

    He doesnít get withdrawn because heís playing well, itís usually because his fitness level is low compared to the rest and he is struggling. You simply cannot compare Dutch football with the PL, because the pace and intensity is far greater.

    Defensively he rarely tracks and ball watches, watch the Southampton game particularly - he was dire for the first 20 minutes, silly flicks and leaving Bernardo exposed.

    Also, you keep throwing Knockaert into the equation, is that because he gets selected ahead of AJ, based on what the manager sees in training and the vast majority of supporters see on the pitch?
    IMO, Both he and Solly have shown more than AJ this year, both offensive and defensively.

    Whilst we all respect your support for him, it is important to understand that historically Brighton are a smallish club, that are (hopefully) in the process of developing to a bigger one, and a lot of our older supporters (like myself), would anticipate that when we spend £17m+ on a player, there is a fairly quick impact. To date for AJ there has been none.

    However, Cardiff is an opportunity for him tonight and we all hope he takes it, (he really will need to be up for it physically), but the pre-season will be massive in terms of fitness and perhaps continuing to develop. Next season could well be the time for him.

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      Quote Originally Posted by The Birdman View Post
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      i like Bissouma but his first touch is sometimes a bit heavy and he needs to work on his passing and shooting do this and I think will have a very good footballer.
      Apart from a heavy first touch and poor passing and shooting....................

      What does he do well?

      I like the way he bombs forward but don't like the way it nearly always ends in losing possession.
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