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    New FOB casino games in bookies

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    Yesterday had my first experience of the new Roulette and Casino game changes in Ladbrokes. Thought i would share my experience and be interesting to hear over the next few weeks about other gamblers (addict or not) experiences.

    So, in case anyone hasnt heard, the limit per spin has been changed to £2 for all games so no £100/£50 limit any more. No £10+ super spins on certain slots.

    What we have now is:
    1)Roulette with a top prize of £72 and only if u bet the whole £2 on one number!
    2) Roulette, where i guess most punters have at least 10 (in my case 17) numbers so in reality you are looking to bet on 10 numbers and win £7.20 !
    3) The spin is ridiculously quick. I managed to bet , spin, rebet, spin ,rebet spin FIFTEEN times in one minute so still lost £30
    4) There was one version where you could increase the return up to 100/1 by effectively spinning 2 wheels - the number and the winning odds. 10/1,15/1,25/1,35/1,50/1,75/1,100/1. You can probably guess that virtually every time i bet and lost the 75/1 and 100/1 came up and the two wins i got in the ten spins i played it paid 10/1 so i got £2.20 back for my 20p/10 number spins - yeah 20p profit!

    THANK YOU MR GOVERNMENT - in 30 minutes you immediately cured a 10 year long roulette player of ever playing in the bookies again.

    SO, i thought to give slots a try (i do play them some times anyway)

    On slots, you can still play standard slot games at 25p/50p/£1/£2 stakes but there is now a premium play option at £2. A couple of the games i played - you spin a very small slot first where three matching symbols takes you to the main game and gives you 5 spins
    5) So on the first game spin/spin/spin/spin - fourth time lucky , 5 spins on the real game and no win...hmm give it another try
    6) spin/spin.... this time 7 spins to get a game - £22 already spent in just over a minute hope its worth it...nothing,nothing,nothing,n last.. super wild comes up £83 win yeah!. now £61 up..ok maybe this is worth pursuing
    7) spin/spin/ another 30 spins and still not another game - those 30 spins took EXACTLY ONE MINUTE - yes £60 lost in a minute. So i thought **** this - im leaving a pound up - never playing that again.

    I am least in the bookies. If i want to play ordinary slots i;ll go into the arcade which is only a few yards away from Laddies and has lots more choice.

    Interesting times ahead - maybe i will finally get the life i should have had 20 years ago - step one season ticket next year?
    Potter or Potty? Time will tell


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