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    World's Hardest Creature XII - 2nd Round - Match 6 - Titan Triggerfish v Honey Badger

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    And here comes another fascinating match up. Another WHC newcomer meets a giant of the competition. Could there be a massive surprise?

    Titan Triggerfish

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    Our resident zoologist nominated the TT, which has to count for something. Then consider the fact that said zoologist referred to the TT as the Honey Badger of the sea. At that point you have to sit up and pay attention. It has cool name credentials that ooze menace and it likes a good scrap. Divers often find themselves on the receiving end of some Titan justice. Definitely cool but is it hard enough to take on WHC royalty?

    There seem to be a ton of videos of the TT in action. The slow-mo at the end here is a belter…

    Honey Badger

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    Here it comes. Love it or loathe it, you just can’t ignore it. The Honey Badger has been successfully brawling its way through WHC for several years now. It finally took the crown in 2017 and only succumbed last year to the rampant Hippo. There’s just something about the HB that seems to tap into the very essence of WHC and that something is the urge to scrap with seemingly anything. Lions, Leopards, Hyenas, Snakes. You name it and there’s a fair chance the HB has kicked off with it. It may get eaten a time or two, but it has plenty in its locker to take on all-comers. Famous for biting a lion in the nuts, the HB also has loose skin, enabling it to turn on any attacker, even while in its jaws. Expect fulsome praise from the NSC faithful and equally vociferous counterpunching from its detractors. Brexit in animal form.

    Oh, so you want slow-mo, do you? Stand aside Leopard. I’m the Honey Badger…


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