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    World's Hardest Creature - 2nd Round - Match 2 - Tasmanian Devil v Jaguar

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    Here we go with the second match up in this year’s group of 16 and this one is very much the battle of the bite forces. It’s all about the teeth, people!

    Tasmanian Devil

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    Introducing last year’s beaten quarter finalist. The Tasmanian Devil was seen off by a triumphant Polar Bear in 2018 but there’s certainly no shame in that. Anything named after The Devil must have a little something of the night about it. Popular culture dictates that the Tasmanian Devil is a head mental loon however; in the real world it tends to keep it’s a Game in the forest. Not known for attacking people, it will eat just about, devouring whole carcasses, bones and all. It achieves this with a bite force measuring 56.4 kgf (kilogram force): the strongest relative to body size of any living mammalian carnivore. Its day to day routine involves scrapping and rough sex, like a hairy David Lynch movie.

    Here’s the critter complete with bloodcurdling scream…


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    The Jaguar made its WHC debut in 2017 and was only narrowly pipped at the post in the semi-final by that year’s victor, the Honey Badger. However, 2018 was something of a fallow year for the Jag, as it failed to make it out the group stage. Will 2019 be a comeback year this apex predator? Make no mistake. The Jag is a brute and a master of the ambush. If there’s one of these with your name on, content yourself with the fact you’ll know very little about it. It will stalk, pounce and crush your skull with a single skilfully executed crunch, weighing in with a ludicrous bite force of 503.6 kgf. Don’t bother climbing a tree. It can do that too. Fancy running into the sea? There’s a reasonable chance it will follow you. Basically, you can run but it’s very, very hard to hide.

    Here we see the Jag taking out a Caiman. Holy Hell!


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