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Another episode in and I reckon the police planted evidence like they've done countless times before

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I haven't watched it tbh. I have heard people review it and say that it doesn't really reveal anything more than is already known, and I think it has been stretched over 8 episodes.

I've seen a short clip and it looks like it has been produced as a cinematic documentary suspense drama?

My point though was that we are allowed to speculate that parents killed their own child on NSC, but as soon as I mention Robbie Parker of Sandy Hook and his crocodile tears, the trolls crawl out of the woodwork and feast on it in judgement like with the "nasty little shit" comment aimed at me as a good example. Even HKFC couldn't help himself and wanted his pound of flesh too today.

In all honesty though the more people who are wound up by my opinion, the more inclined I am to give it. I am the cheese to the rats.