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    Would you offer Bruno and Bong new contracts?

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    Bruno and Bong are our only two major first team players who are out of contract at the end of the season. So far in 18/19 Bong has played eighteen league games, Bruno only eight. They are both probably not first choice anymore, but have seen off Schelotto and Suttner, who were at one point thought to be their replacements in the starting XI.

    I'm a big fan of both, el Capitan is still in great shape and Bong has played really well in place of Bernardo most of the time. He's had a few bad games but overall I think he's a class LB.

    There is still a fair amount of this season to go, but no matter if we finish top half or below seventeenth I think these fellas have earned another year apiece.

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      100% no

      Time to step up in quality
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      Bong certainly. Burno certainly not.
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      Wouldn't have an issue with both having 1 year extensions based on them being squad players. That said, I have no idea who we might have lined up. If they're a big improvement, then it might be that we say goodbye to one or both of Bruno and Bong.

      Will miss Bruno, at his best - toying with Championship opposition - he was an absolute joy to watch. A player always determined to take the most classy course of action, even if it was sometimes to the team's detriment.
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      I fear that the day that Bruno leaves the Albion, @Bozza will shut down NSC for a week of mourning

      As for the question, yeah, give 'em an extra year, unless there are very capable replacements (or replacements for the regular starters) lined up. If not, they've both proved they are capable deputies.
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      Depends on what league we are in next year?
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      Quote Originally Posted by Is it PotG? View Post
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      Bong certainly. Burno certainly not.
      This for me. Although Bruno is still quality, it looks like his back could be packing up. He has had to come off more than once and whilst that isn't an issue for a sub, it is if you need him long term for injury cover. If Bong is happy to stay as backup then I would be happy to see him stay. I genuinely believe that if he didn't have these mad moments where he gets dragged out of position horribly, he would be a top left back in this league. A bit like those keepers that pull off world class saves and then let one through their legs every so often. When he is good, he is very good as his one on one stats show. Wingers very rarely get past him. I don't think these mad moments can be coached out of him at his age but he would still make a very good backup.
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      Yes, both one year contracts as squad players. We haven't filled up our 25 man squad anyway, why not have the cover in place.
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      1 year deal but only if they were going to be third choice behind two new signings & behind Montoya & Bernado.

      Would like Bruno to be kept at the club as either a coach or an ambassador when he decides to hang up his boots. Bong although an OK defender I dont rate him very highly and would be glad to see him drop down the pecking order or leave. All my personal opinion of course.
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      Definitely Bong. Bruno is a tricky one, value you him as a player and as a leader. I think it mostly depends on how the great man himself feels, how his body is feeling to him. I’d be delighted for him to sign on again, but I’d understand if it was time to move on.
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