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    UEFA Has Revealed The Top 20 Highest Wage Bills In Europe

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    Palace are spending their money well...

    AC Milan: €128m
    Southampton: €131m
    Leicester City: €132m
    Crystal Palace: €133m
    Wolfsburg: €139m
    Roma: €145m
    Tottenham Hotspur: €148m
    Inter Milan: €155m
    Atlético Madrid: €178m
    Borussia Dortmund: €178m
    Arsenal: €234m
    Liverpool: €244m
    Chelsea: €256m
    Juventus: €264m
    Paris Saint-Germain: €272m
    Bayern Munich: €276m
    Manchester United: €306m
    Manchester City: €334m
    Barcelona: €378m
    Real Madrid: €406m
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