On the field things are going absolutely brilliantly, I think everyone will agree about that. Off the field we are treated like 'customers' and since the 'war years' ended have had no collective representation as supporters in the face of the negative aspects of the modern football experience discussed in many threads on here.
Many will say: no need, things have moved on, and the club won't listen anyway: no need, they know 95% of us won't walk away and there is a big waiting list ready to snap up the tickts of the 5% who do.
I actually think the revival of an organised supporters' group would be listened to by the club for all kinds of reasons, historical and actual, and it might make things easier for all concerned.
If it does happen it should be the new generation who take it forward: we old gits have done our bit.
We have a proud history of democratic relations with the club, not the top-down approach currently favoured ( an annual online fan survey and annual fans' forum doesn't really compare with our previous relationship does it?)
What do you think?