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Thread: Relegation

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    I saw something on here that got me thinking... at what point do we stop being concerned about any 3 teams out of the bottom 7 losing so they don’t catch us, and then start wanting “bigger” clubs to go down (thus in theory leaving weaker clubs in the Premier League for next season for us to stay above)

    For example - would we at some point want Huddersfield/Cardiff/Fulham to start winning to send Southampton/Newcastle/Palace down - this in theory making 2019/20 easier to avoid relegation? (Clearly Palace are an exception to this as lots would want them to go down, and also vice versa so we still play them, but the concept applies)

    I am not saying we are safe, far from it... just something to think about... and no matter how “mid-table” we become we will always be starting each season avoiding relegation.
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