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    Angelina Jolie for POTUS!

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    Well this would be something to behold, Lara Croft secretary for defense or even POTUS
    Breathe of fresh air than that orange buffoon -Trump!

    'Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has hinted she might enter politics and even run for US President.

    The film star who is a worldwide humanitarian campaigner said she “would go where I am needed” when asked if she would contemplate a political career, potentially by entering the race for Democrat party presidential nomination.

    She indicated she had the attributes - no skeletons in her closet, a tough chin and open thinking - but said she was also happy with her current role as a UN Special Envoy which gave her the chance to work with people in need as well as governments and the military.'

    I was surprised so many were confident pre-game and Brighton did exactly what they’ve done to us for the past few games but they actually bothered scoring this time. Hopefully this is the end of two up top when one of those forward is Carroll. It’s really impressive what Brighton have done since Hughton. It must be nice believing in a system and sticking with it. Basically what we had and lost under Rafa despite how pundits described it


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