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    46 13.98%
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    18 5.47%
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    32 9.73%
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    14 4.26%
  • Remain / TMs deal

    180 54.71%
  • Remain / No deal

    39 11.85%
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    I didn't vote because I was cynical of the campaign on both sides. The final straw in deciding not to vote was when Cameron claimed that a Brexit would lead to a war with Russia.

    My real thoughts at the time was that it would be impossible to renegotiate 40 years of agreements in such a small time frame and this has turned out to be the case.

    If all the people who didn't vote were counted as people not voting for change, the result would have been just 17m of the voting age were pro Brexit.

    The vote should have been just a vote for Brexit not Remain. If you wanted Brexit vote for it, and if you were against or apathetic stay at home.
    Done this way we would have got the real Brexit percentage which was about 20%. I am sure someone will correct this figure but it's a lot lower than the 52%

    All the Brexit Tories ran a mile when they had an opportunity to step up to the job of PM and put into practice what they preached. It was very much like a scene out of The Apprentice when choosing a project leader and pushing someone else in as a suicide mission for your own future benefit after they get fired. If you want to present a food business to Lord Sugar, at least put yourself bloody forward to project manage the food task.

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