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  • No Deal / TMs deal

    46 13.98%
  • No Deal / Remain

    18 5.47%
  • TMs deal / No deal

    32 9.73%
  • TMs deal / Remain

    14 4.26%
  • Remain / TMs deal

    180 54.71%
  • Remain / No deal

    39 11.85%
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    1st/2nd choice Referendum Poll

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    Blame Trigaaar as he explained how the poll should work here

    Quote Originally Posted by Triggaaar View Post
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    If you went with those options I think you need to allow people to have 1st choice and 2nd choice, otherwise the leavers vote will be split between 2, so you could have a result of 48%, 26%, 26% (matching the original referendum) and then wonder what the **** you're supposed to do next.

    If you have 1st choice and 2nd choice, then one of the leave options would get dropped, with those voters putting their 2nd choice towards the remaining 2 options. Then we'd get a result.

    Actually, I think that's a pretty good option going forward. It seems better to me than going forward with something that most people haven't actually voted for. You can't really argue it's not democratic.
    Try and keep discussions on the Brexit thread so this can run for a bit

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