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    Albion Alphabet Game

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    Sorry if this has been done before, but just an idea for an ongoing game.

    Take two alphabets; From the first one, take the first letter, and the same from the second and com up with a person, place, event, whatever that has an Albion connection. So start at A A and come up with something Albion related and then do B A, C A, D A etc. When you have got through and done Z A (good luck with that one), then start on A B, B B, CB, etc.

    A brief reason why they are included should follow>

    I would try and avoid players and other sides who have played against us, as this is too tenuous, but sometimes there may be a reason for a certain player/team who has had a part in an infamous incident/s. Eg Henry Hughton, Norman Whiteshite, Scum McGleish or we have a special relationship with them -Such as CP.

    Tere will be loads where we cannot find anything, so just have to skip these

    SO, to start off....

    A A - Andy Ansah, played for the Albion for a while.

    B A - Bill Archer - no explanation necessary

    CA - Struggling Here already, can only think Charlie Austin as he ALWAYS scores against us, but would like a proper Albion connection here. Charlton Athletic for there support in Fans United, and vice versa, when we joined their demo a couple of seasons ago.

    DA - Derek Allen - Played for us I think.

    EA - Can't readily think of one here so - over to you.

    All the best
    You're my guitar hero.


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