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    Would you consider eating human meat if it could be ethically sourced?

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    Would you consider eating human meat if it could be ethically sourced?

    Perhaps something along the lines of a doner scheme. It would give a whole new meaning to the doner kebab, or should that be a doner doner kebab to distinguish it from the doner shish kebab.

    You could also have a takeaway doner curry or doner chinese all of which would be ethically sourced and more importantly fully consensual, which isn't the case with the meat we currently eat.

    The scheme might even attract some vegetarians back into the meat eating fray, at least those who abstain for reasons concerning animal welfare, as this would no longer be an issue providing they restricted their meat consumption to doner provided meat.

    The advantages are it would reduce landfill, offering an alternative to burial. And compared to cremation it would leave a much smaller carbon footprint as cooking times would be significantly reduced. So the option of Consumption over Burial or Cremation would have significant environmental benefits. Added to which would be the reduced need for the slaughter of non consenting animals. The idea certainly has its benefits.

    Are there any circumstances which would lead you to transgress the ultimate taboo. Would you if it was a question of survival similar to the Andes plane crash of flight 571 in 1972.

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