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    Falmer Watch 10th Anniversary – Today, October 31st 2018.

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    October 31st 2008. After years of fighting the residents of Falmer, the Green Party, Lewes District Council, and others, the time was finally here. After years of campaigning, storming in and reclaiming our territory (Mansfield, home), storming out (Hereford, home). Sitting in at Walsall, Orient and Wycombe, marching (Fulham, home and away), letter writing, snow-balling, boycotting (Forfars), chasing, (Bellotti at Rochdale), frightening off, (Bellotti at Wigan, and Darlington, home), balloon tying and ribbon hanging. Turning up at Archer's house to tell him what we thought, and Christ knows what else we got up to whilst playing at The Goldstone, Gillingham and Withdean. There are probably loads of other shenanigans I’ve forgotten – after all, it was all well over ten years ago, but in October 2008, the time had finally come!

    Before and during this period, we will all have our memories – at least those of us still here to tell the tale.

    I refer to some of our key supporters who throughout the War Years, kept the pressure on those that be with their constant stream of innovative ideas in order to keep the plight of our football club, and the fact we had no home to go to, fresh in everyone’s minds. I would like to mention some of our dear departed heroes in Sarah Watts, Roy Chuter, Paul Welch, and of course, our very own Ed (Lord Bracknell) Basford. Just as important too, the “ordinary” fans, the bread-and-butter supporters who stuck with the Club, joined in with the protests and attended games seventy five miles away at Gillingham, and sat in pouring rain in freezing temperatures at Withdean. Some of them too, are sadly no longer with us.

    What was all this about? It was all about getting our famous football club back home to Brighton. Our spiritual home. Our geographical home. Our proper home where our proud roots lie, where we belong.

    Ten years ago today, the reward for all that effort from the Falmer for All team, all our loyal fans, Dick Knight and Martin Perry, was there for all to see - A DIGGER IN A FIELD!

    So excited was I to see this, I had to record this special moment with my camera. Having driven past the proposed stadium site at least five times each week for years on the way back from work (I’ve since retired), I was beginning to wonder if I would ever see the day, but now, it was finally happening. Our new stadium was about to be built.

    I thought perhaps members of North Stand Chat might like to see the photos? The rest as they say, is history. Thank you Tony Bloom!
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