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Thread: Scam Calls

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheshire Cat View Post
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    Last time I just repeated "I see fairies" to every question they asked.
    nothing wrong with that

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      I just say I don't own a computer seems to work with no follow ups for a while.

      Simple rule don't fill a form on line IF you have not requested it from a proven source.

      I had a home and work line and received simultaneous calls from the same set of scammers , I think I confused them by saying they need to talk to the owner of the computer and proceeded to the handsets together. Not sure if it worked but felt good.
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      The last week I've blocked these numbers:

      0203 3156 4652
      0116 302 8272
      01525 621648
      0116 0300 672
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      Haven’t used a landline for years and not had one to the mobile
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      Quote Originally Posted by bashlsdir View Post
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      Got a call a couple of months ago. "My name is George Edwards and I'm calling from BT". Told him "Your name is not George Edwards and to stop lying". Obviously he got deeply offended by that, because when I put the phone down he called back again, this time with a different name. I said "See your lying, now please **** off and leave me alone". He must of called about twenty times after that, each time using a different name. In the end I had to the plug out and left it an hour, and finally the calls the stopped.

      Feel sorry for old people, they can easily be duped by these people. Nothing we can do about it either, they now register UK numbers, and when you call that number back it goes dead.
      They dont and dont need to register UK numbers, you can display any CLI you want at network level. I could call you from yourself should I know your mobile (or any other) number
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      Just lately I've had a couple of calls where nothing was said and one where the caller was really struggling with the Queens English . You could hear someone prompting him. When I'd finished I dialed 1471 heard a feasible number being said back but whèn I pushed 3 I got the reply the number you have dialled does not exist. They're getting wise / clever to our phone system.

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      Caller: “I heard you’ve been in an accident that wasn’t your fault?”
      Me: “that’s right!”
      Caller: “can you tell me what happened?”
      Me: “I had an accident at sea”
      Caller: “can I take some more details?” (Caller normally gets excited at this point)
      Me: “absolutely, I boarded a large ship in 1912 which hit an iceberg and.....(caller hangs up somewhere between the beginning and the middle of sentence leaving be annoyed that I don’t get to finish my fun)
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      I had a pre-recorded message supposedly from BT yesterday saying my IP address had been compromised. Told them it was them trying to compromise my computer and they rang off. Reported the telephone number and what was said to
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      Quote Originally Posted by El Presidente View Post
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      I had one of those Microsoft scam calls the other day and when they asked what was on the screen I replied two dwarves having sexual intercourse. I was told I was a very bad man and then they hung up. How rude!
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      Have a look at this guy takes it to another level!

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