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    'Bloody Southerners'

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    Hi all,

    Just a reminder that the launch bash for my new Albion book 'Bloody Southerners' is next Thursday, 18th October, at the excellent Caxton Arms in Brighton, kick off 6.30pm. Everyone welcome. Peter O'Sullivan, Andy Rollings, Ian 'Reggie' Goodwin, Gary Williams & other ex-players all confirmed. Come on down, grab yourself a book and get it signed by some of the guys who were there. It's gonna be a great night.

    See you there,
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      Greetings all,

      Have had several people contact me directly with questions about the book - which is marvellous. Thank you & I'm truly humbled. In answer to a few themes which seem to be emerging:

      1) The publishers are Biteback, ISBN number 978-1-785-90436-3.
      2) It's not actually physically out until Thursday 18th October, the same day as the launch do at the Caxton Arms (at least that's what I've been told).
      3) I believe that the club shop is going to stock it, but I'm not exactly sure when. Looking like the end of November/Leicester City game at the very earliest.

      Any other queries, feel free to drop me a line.
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      Are City Books stocking it?
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      I had the pleasure of chatting to Peter O’Sullivan, Gary Williams, Andy Rollings and Chris Cattlin many moons ago, not that they would remember! It will be nice to meet some of them again now that we’ve all grown up disgracefully!
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      I hope City Books will stock it. The original plan was to involve them in the launch, but it's too small (plus the Caxton, the more we thought of it, just became the obvious choice). They're aware of it and received a review copy, so I'd like to think they'll get a box or two in.

      Funnily enough 'Sully', Gary Williams and Andy Rollings will all be there on Thursday evening, so you'll have the pleasure all over again! Fair play in particular to Ian 'Reggie' Goodwin and Lammie Robertson. They live in Coventry and deepest Cheshire respectively, not exactly handy, but will be travelling down on the day and staying over. Both are marvellous raconteurs as well. Having guys like that all in one room - well, pub - will be a dream come true.
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      Reggie was a big hero of all us 6th formers at HGS back in the early 70s. I seem to recall one of our NSC contributors painting a portrait of him that we all signed it and sent it to him.
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      Quote Originally Posted by The Large One View Post
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      Are City Books stocking it?
      City Books have confirmed to me that they are stocking it and reserving a copy for me.
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      …..which is good to know. Thank you Robinjakarta for enlightening and, just as importantly, thank you for buying a copy of the book.
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      I'll be there on Thursday Mr Vignes. Ian Goodwin played in my first ever Albion away game. Bournemouth, April 1972.

      I remember when Cloughie first came down here. The Match of the Day cameras were there and as a 13 year old kid, I stayed behind just to see the man. After the usual interview, he herded the handful of us who stayed behind to the corner of the West Stand by the North Stand and asked us to listen. Set out his vision for where he wanted to take the Albion. I was spellbound and even though he left us very prematurely, I loved the man from then on.

      What a great memory that is to have.
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      He certainly put us on the map, papajaff. That, in my opinion, is his chief legacy when it comes to the Albion.

      My research revealed that the players were divided largely along lines of age as to how they felt about Clough. The younger ones, who he encouraged, tended to be pro-Clough whereas the older ones, who he seemed to think were beyond influence/moulding, were cast out into the wilderness (with the exception of Norman Gall, who was initially made captain before himself being cold-shouldered from March 1974 onwards). Several actually compared Clough to Mourinho in terms of man-management skills, or rather a lack of them!


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