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    I know this programme isn't everyone's cup of tea, as my lady wife will testify, but I have been watching it on catchup when there has been nothing else's on, and I have got into it!

    For a OU course I did I read about the relationship between Marlowe and Shakespeare and the rivalry around that time, so I knew a bit about the characterisations in the show, but I always thought it was a clever adaptation of how Shakespeare would have lived using today's thinking, but his use of language. And personally I thought it was brilliant, especially the bits about travelling from London to the midlands by coach and him explaining the horrors as if it wasn't modern day rail travel.

    Anyway, David Mitchell plays WS and Liza Tarbuck his wife and the last episode of series 3 was built around WS failing in the London theatre awards and a dispute around his wife and him attending hamnet, his son's confirmation. Anyway he comes back from the awards and it wa s brilliant comedy to be told, whilst in mid rant about the coach travel that his son Hanlet had died from the plague!

    I don't think I have ever seen such a twist in a show ( it was actually real so not really a twist) and the last 10 minutes of the programme was a very difficult watch, but absolutely brilliant acting especially Liza Tarbuck's lines concerning the existence of God and if they will ever see their son again in " heaven"

    Seemly in real life, if was the death of his son turned his life and made him turn to writing more tragedies.

    It is very blackadderish. Written by ben Elton and I suppose it could have ben compared to the final scene when blackadder and the team went " over the top"

    Anyway, if you do watch it I hope you also were moved by it. It was a brilliant series. IMHO.
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