View Poll Results: Is it immoral to teach your children that there are only two genders?

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  • It is immoral because a whole spectrum of genders exist.

    11 8.73%
  • It is moral because there are only two genders - male and female.

    115 91.27%
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    Agree. "Normal" is a horrible subjective word In the eyes of a transgender they are "normal"
    It depends on how sensitive the transgender person is, I suppose. If everyone was transgender, then being transgender would then be 'normal'.. shirley? Where would we stand then?

    Normal, to most people, means you are part of the vast majority. Normal, by definition, is 'usual' 'standard' and 'typical'. It is what most people do, or are. Transgender is not 'normal' - it's 'different'. Wether we admit it or not, being transgender is not 'normal'.

    Once we accept something is not 'normal' it's the job of both parties to accept it in their own way. Personally, I think a man dressing as a woman, or even having surgery to become one, shows a huge amount of bravery and commitment to who they are and how they feel. I actually respect that - and will always have time for that person. That's me accepting it on my own terms, not being scared of upsetting someone who is forcing me to accept it by standing on a 'platform of righteousness above me'.
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