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    Quote Originally Posted by Crispy Ambulance View Post
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    Following last night's 8-0 gubbing at Bognor, Ian offered his resignation as Burgess Hill manager. Chairman Kevin Newell is considering it but Simon Wormull and John Rattle will be in charge for Saturday's match at Bishop Stortford prior to a final decision being made regarding Chappers.

    Shame, in view of the great things Chappers has done for Hill but it's been coming for a while now. Stayed up by default for the last 2 seasons and firmly rooted to the bottom without a win (or home point) this.
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    I'm always interested in this stuff. It's good to see what the old boys are up to. Darren Freeman seems to be doing OK at Lewes. Isn't Johnny Crumplin in management locally too?
    And to add to the old boys and tie in the original post, Gary Hart is now a coach at Bishop Stortford. I assume he's involved with the men's first team as he's a paid coach there but he's also helping out my mate, who manages the girls' under 10s, as Gary's step daughter plays.

    Amusing thing was my mate messaged me for a reference.

    "There's a bloke who wants to coach with me who says he's a pro and he played for Brighton. Have you heard of him?"
    "What's his name?"
    "Gary Hart"
    "Yeah he's ok" (Hysterical laughter)

    I've since filled him in on the set of tracksuits and Harty's playing style.
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