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    Hello everyone

    Bit of light relief from brexit and losing yesterday

    Went down to,Pompey today to go to gun wharf keys for some retail therapy and whilst there we visited possibly the finest piece of modern production in a museum

    The Mary Rose exhibition is the most incredible place and in a lot of these type of places, a quick visit through to see the sights etc and then off to the pub. But we were inside the exhibition for at least two hours and it was absolutely incredible.

    Many years ago we went on a camping trip with our girls to Carnac in France where we went to an exhibition of the ancient stones, but they turned it into a theatrical event with light shows and laser shows etc. We thought that was cutting edge, but this Mary rose exhibition is on a par with that.

    If you get a chance, don't just do the shops at gun wharf...which are excellent, but do go to the Mary rose won't regret it and the kids will love it.
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