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    OK so there may be a tiny percentage of the population that fall into these categories, no doubt the same percentage as say 30 years ago. Now the problem is blown out of all proportion; back then it was dealt with without being plastered all over the newspapers.
    And the percentage of children expressing a wish to change sex is also tiny despite what this article is trying to make you believe. It's prejudiced, agenda driven journalism which I wouldn't have expected from the Telegraph until it decided to go all Daily Mail hysteria a few years back.

    By all means have a debate here but stuff like 4000% is deliberately fanning flames. That's quite apart from the fact that a large proportion of British people don't actually understand percentages as I found out to my immense surprise when I worked in retail.

    And if you really want to get into the numbers, the % of children expressing a desire to change sex is lower than births with intersex characteristics going by the numbers in this article. The reason for the rise over the last 10 years is absolutely obvious to anyone with a functioning brain.
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