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    Help - Friend Sentenced to 37 years in Qatar

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    The main purposes of this thread is to canvass and encourage fellow NSC’ers to take two minutes out of their day to quickly read and sign the below petition.

    I shall give a little back ground into the circumstances behind this petition (which went live yesterday) and what has prompted me to create it.

    Jonathan Nash, a British citizen, and friend of mine has been sentenced to 37 years in the state of Qatar? John was a CEO for Top House, a company based in Doha, which offers technical, commercial and management services to the local construction industry.

    In the oil-rich Middle Eastern state, it is normal practice to write cheques in advance, as assurance of payment in the future. Due to an internal dispute within Top House, the payments were blocked and because Mr Nash had written them himself, he was personally liable under Qatari law.

    Jonathan was not given a day in court, a legal defence, or an opportunity to state his case. Simply sentenced to 37 years in prison, just like that. A punishment that does not befit the crime.

    Jonathan has been incarcerated for three years now, in which time he has not seen his two young children.

    The petitions mission statement is for the UK Government to raise the case of Jonathan Nash with the Qatari Government. As with all petitions on the UK Parliament website, 10,000 signatures will secure a response from Government, 100,000 and it will be discussed in the commons.

    Below you can find a link to the petition itself and some further information on Jonathan’s case (apologies its the Daily Mail).

    Be ever so grateful if you could all sign and share. If we get enough signatures it really will make a difference.

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