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Thread: Hove born&bred

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Presidente View Post
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    Unfortunately I will have to move this thread for reasons that cannot be divulged.

    I would however say to anyone on NSC that if they want to spend years making unpleasant and snidey comments about others members of a football forum, insinuations about football matches for the team they claim to support being called off due to non-existent weather reasons, and then decide to go into a career in local politics and therefore threaten the very forum of the team they claim to support for fear of publicity in respect of historical posts that have been made, that this shows a lack of integrity and ethics.
    Basically if you act like a complete **** then expect it to come back and bite you at some point.

    Who’d have thought it?
    "I am repeatedly a fan of his braggish self-assurance. No point, that I can remember, has he ever been foolish or incorrect. All based on scientific, biblical fact. He's a vivid sermoniser whose halo sometimes burns those who dare to question."


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