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    Seagulls over Indianapolis?

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    Got a message today from a former colleague who, when he was in the UK a couple of years ago, I took along to an Albion game and he bought a shirt to take back with him.

    He lives in a small town outside Indianapolis so very much middle America. He walked into his local coffee shop this morning wearing his Albion shirt and two guys stopped him to talk about how well the Albion played on Sunday. Turned out they were Man Utd fans but even so, a few years ago it would have very unusual for anyone to recognise an Albion shirt.

    Worked out well for my colleague as the guys work for the local 'soccer' team - the badly named Indy Eleven - who play in the United Soccer League which is a league below the MSL I think. He was offered free tickets for their next match and free beer! Also thinks that the team CEO was originally from Brighton.
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