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    We were told today at the turnstile that from 1st September no hot food can be brought into the ground The actual e mail shown on this forum says in 1901 and Dicks can you clarify the ruling and what it covers and where and possibly the reasoning behind this apparently absurd ruling. I am sure many like me will not leave their seats until the final whistle so wouldn't collect a coffee even if it was free..

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      Our decision not to allow flasks, (glass or metal bottles) in to the stadium from the Fulham match onwards has been taken for safety and security reasons. We regularly review all of our security procedures and this new policy is in line with many other football stadia, including that of yesterday's visitors. Other stadia have already taken steps to stop bags, laptops and other items of luggage being brought in to the stadium - frankly, this an ongoing process to mitigate risk and eliminate it where it is possible or practical to do so.

      We are regularly told that not all of our supporters receive or read electronic communications from the club so we decided to communicate directly with as many supporters as possible, particularly those carrying flasks to yesterday's game, so that that as many fans as possible received the information ahead of our next home game. We will reinforce this face to face communication with further information through the club's website and social media channels leading up to the Fulham game when the new policy will be fully implemented.

      We communicated the decision directly to 1901 club members separately as, in addition to safety and security concerns in the stadium bowl, the issue was more general - that of small numbers of people consuming food and drink not purchased from the club in the lounge areas, including Dick's Bar (which has a regular clientele). This has never been permitted at the Amex - and it isn’t a practice allowed in the vast majority of other sports and entertainment arenas, restaurants or bars anywhere. I think most people are familiar with such a policy.

      Finally, please be assured that the club's finances will not be transformed by expecting people to purchase their hot drinks from us! Suggestions that our decision to prevent flasks being brought in to the stadium as being financially driven are utter nonsense. The club has a responsibility to ensure the safest possible environment for all supporters. We are well aware that, for most fans, a flask is a means of bringing a hot drink to the game. Sadly, in the current environment, others may use such items in a different way. Our job is to limit, minimise and, ideally, eliminate as many risks as we can.


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