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    Live streaming of Albion U23 matches in 2018-19

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    Hi Insider

    On the matchday thread for the Albion U-23 v Liverpool U-23 fixture, a poster has posted a purported response from Paul Barber about the streaming of Albion U-23 matches this season:-

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    I sent Paul Bartber an e mail asking the question. Here is his reply:

    Dear Brian

    Thank you for your email.

    It’s simple economics. There is a considerable cost to mounting a broadcast quality production of a football match and we do not currently generate income from subscriptions to Seagulls Player or advertising revenue from our You Tube channel at anything like the rate some of our more bigger or more established rival Premier League clubs benefit from. Where we see opportunities to broadcast our U23 games that make economic sense we will look to do so.

    Best wishes, Paul
    Would you please confirm that this is a genuine e-mail reply from Mr Barber please?

    Many thanks

    AZ Gull


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