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    Young Seagulls Plus members - could they be treated fairer on points?

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    I get demand outstrips supply, and maybe there has to be some sort of points system for Bronze Members - in the case of the Man Utd match, 40 for tomorrow morning. No problem with that for the paying adult.

    But I can't for the life of me see why this same points minimum also applies to the kids in Young Seagulls Plus, who as you know can be very young, and only go when their parent, carer or responsible adult books for them.

    Would it not be a lot fairer if Young Seagulls Plus members either did not have to have any points to have a ticket purchased by an adult with the required points - or at least a total a lot lower than the Bronze member cut-off? As long as their ticket was being bought by an adult who DID have the points?

    Though I have comfortably enough points to buy tomorrow, because a 10-year-old (who never pays and can only go when I take them) only had 36 points we both have to wait until Wednesday, when there may be none left in the family section.

    There is therefore very little benefit in this instance being in the Junior Seagulls Plus at all, and apart from anything the club should not be stopping people in this situation from buying tickets. All it is doing is penalizing kids who want to go but are not in a position, unlike adults, to influence how often they go.
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      Tickets will go on sale to members based on points and will then drop down to all members. I envisage all games will go to all members as the first tier is based on everyone getting a ticket and realistically they won’t all come in for the game.

      These points restrictions only apply to the big games. So there’s no issue with getting other games.

      Finally with the new Ticket exchange even more tickets will go on sale this season to members.

      Overall whilst we accept everyone has a different opinion we feel the scheme overall is pretty fair.


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