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    Croatia Motivated By English Punditsí Lack Of Respect, Says Luka Modric

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    I've been wanting to spark a debate on this. In my view, the ITV punditry was rock bottom, lowest common denominator trash last night. Ian Wright being its lead clown.

    The business about Croatia being tired (they had merely played half an hour more than us) and the cringe worthy talk at half time about England comfortably cruising through the second half.

    Whatever the channel, our 'pundits' seem to have descended into a bunch of cheer leading excitable children. You only have to see the faces of foreign guests to see how embarrassing it is.

    Like cricket, the afterlife has taken the best from us, never to return. Peter Jones, Bryan Butler, Brian Moore etc

    It wasn't the result that upset me last night, it was the final realisation that the reporting of events surrounding it is now a silly and disrespectful circus devoid of any talent.
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