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Thread: 1990 v 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by drew View Post
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    To start of with, two statements.

    Have enjoyed the world cup and ride with the England team.

    We got what we deserved and the better team won.

    Now I've followed England for decades. I don't know how others feel but this defeat pales in comparison to how I felt when we lost in 1990. Possible because we lost to the arch rivals then but probably more because we had a team that we thought could genuinely win it. Think most pundits were of the opinion that the winners of our semi would beat either of the other two semi-finalist. Today, we were in the semi final having beaten no one of significance but, to be fair, that is the luck of the draw. I hoped, but had no high expectation, of success and because of that I don't feel as disheartened as I did 28 years ago.

    My thoughts on individuals :-

    Sterling - Despite what so called amateur experts say, he contributes very little yet again. Would prefer to see him as an impact sub and give Rashford a starting chance.
    Southgate - Got the job by default and not because of some grand plan by the FA. That said, there is promise so let's see how he gets on in the Euro's qualifiers and hopefully the final tournament.
    Pickford - Deservedly now considered England's No. 1.
    Trippier - One of the star performers, the only black mark being he's from Burnley (well Bury is close enough!)
    Midfield - We lack a star player, quality to go round players or someone to find a killer pass. Lingard and Ali still young enough to improve.

    So, to sum up, looking forward to the final of Wimbledon!!!
    Total bollocks. Sterling is class. Southgate... Trippier....FFS

    Bollocks to wimbledon. We aren't even in it.

    Try knitting - you'll win that.
    Glenn Murray's a wizzard, he wears a wizzard's hat, And when he get's his cock out, he says 'I'll score with that'
    He scores them with his left ball, he scores them with his right. And then he scores one with his arse, he's ****ing dynamite


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