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    Quote Originally Posted by lawros left foot View Post
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    I’ll ignore the childish insult, and just ask, if you are so anti- government, why do you think the balloon should be shot down?It’s a bit more anti establishment to be protesting against the POTUS, than to be backing the destruction of a blimp
    It was a tongue in cheek throw away line.

    Not meant to be taken as anything more. As always people read their own intent and emotions into words on the screen ;)

    I also think ‘redneck’ is seen , more as a state of mind shared by, well, rednecks, than a trait of only America more challenged citizens.
    Yes but the people who see it that way aren't to be taken seriously though surely?

    Those kinds of people use words like racist and nazi in a way that indicates they have no idea what the words mean or where they come from.

    It's like trying to point out ignorance with ignorance. Seems a tad silly.

    Rednecks were Scots Protestants, my lineage doesn't contain that ;)
    It's a marathon, not a sprint.

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