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    Not a good precis or filleting of my post but, whatever. Perhaps you can enlighten me on how labour have destroyed the NHS? And the identity of the experts that have shaped your otherwise naive opinion would interest me. I am not invested in the NHS because I work for it, btw. I don't. I supply some services (teaching) that I can take or leave. I am invested in it because I have used it for 60 years and it is unmatched. I have lived abroad, too, so I have seen how it can be elsewhere.
    I’m sure you’re able to research to find out how Blair and Brown govt. mortgaged the NHS and saddled it with debt. Who said anything about NHS being unmatched? Think you’ve introduced that as, well, no idea why. Equally the living abroad. And Who hasn’t btw? Moreover, so what? Playground argument. And casting opinions as naive just because it’s not yours. It’s ok to disagree. As said, only repeating what those closer to in senior trust roles said, that and in combination with an article or two read in press over years.
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      Quote Originally Posted by lawros left foot View Post
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      My daughter finished her Geography degree and decided she would like to train as a midwife (yes, I know), she applied,was accepted, then Cameron’s government decided to end the bursary. My daughter couldn’t afford an extra 25 grand student loan, on top of the 27 she’s already got, so, no midwifery course for her. It’s extremely short sighted
      its f*cking criminally shortsighted , in fact no its not , they know full well what theyre doing.
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      The NHS is a brilliant institution and the staff, particularly those on the front lines of patient care deserve nothing but the highest credit.
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      No football last night, so I spent an hour on twitter reading Americans who either live here,or have lived here, praising the NHS to the heights. Americans who still live in the USA, and have never lived here were chipping in with their experiences of States health care.

      I’m glad I live here, cos I’d be dead in the States.
      You be glad you be Sussex born!
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      Quote Originally Posted by Westdene Seagull View Post
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      Just over three weeks ago I experienced how fvcking brilliant the NHS is and how fvcked up it is in the hands of the politicians.

      I had a little bit of toothache on the Wednesday, took some drugs, it went away and I thought nothing of it. Felt a little shit on the Friday but thought nothing of it. Saturday my chin had swelled - just thought it was my glads - felt shit but thought it would go away. Sunday my face is like a football and hurts like hell. Mrs W wants me to go to A&E but being a man I just shrug it off.

      Monday comes and I'm in so much pain I don't know what to do with myself. Phone the doctors at 9am, describe my symptoms and get a call back from a doctor 4 minutes later. At 9.30 I'm sitting in front of that GP. She phones the RSCH and gets to speak to the duty ENT SHO in two minutes. Told to go to hospital immediately. Report to A&E and I will be collected.

      45 minutes later I arrive at A&E, give my details and am told to wait. 5 minutes later I'm being taken to see said SHO. SHO sends me for an x-ray and I jump the queue after waiting 3 minutes. Return to see the SHO and now have a senior nurse giving me IV paracetamol and morphine. Less than 10 minutes and a senior consultant from facial ( can't remember the proper name ) is examining me. I'm assigned a senior nurse to stay with me as I couldn't be left alone. The next 6 hours or so see my stats being taken every thirty minutes and constant visits from the SHO and the consultant. Then two anesthetists examine me to prep me for a tube or a tracheotomy. Unknown to me they are concerned my airway may collapse and they were considering if I was safe enough to transfer to East Grinstead for emergency surgery. Mrs W was briefed all the way along ( I was too high on morphine to fully comprehend ) and was told how serious it was. She was then assigned a nurse to look after her.

      The consultant managed to book me an Intensive Care bed at EG and emergency surgery and an ambulance and released two doctors to travel with me in case my airway collapsed on the way. The was no full resuscitation kit on the ambulance so the consultant found the only one in A&E and pulled rank to make sure it was on the ambulance ( that's where the NHS is fvcked up ). Thankfully I was fit to travel without being put under or tubed so it was blues and twos to EG watching most the traffic part as we approached - that said there are an amazing amount of w@ankers that don't get out the way.

      Less than 30 minutes from RSCH to EG and I'm lying in Intensive Care being prep'ed for surgery with a gaggle of at least a dozen medical staff around me - all for me ! 10pm I come round in ICU. So 12 hours from seeing my GP to getting what could have been life saving treatment. 24 hours in ICU and then 24 hours on a ward and then a week later a check up at the RSCH and I've met over two dozen NHS staff all of whom were selfless, kind, caring and in my eyes, heroes. We throw the word hero around far too much - especially in football - but I can't fault one single member of NHS staff I can into contact with.

      And now the moan. My issue ended up being an abscess under a tooth that had infected another part of my body. This may have been my own fault given I'm so scared of dentists that I haven't been to one for over 10 years. BUT I know plenty of people that don't go to the dentist because it costs so much ( indeed while unemployed Mrs W had to go because she was in so much pain but we didn't have the money to pay for any treatment - over £250 - that she lied on the form and said she was on income based JSA. She ended up being caught and having to pay it back ) - now while that isn't the case for me, imagine it was and how much it has cost the NHS to treat me rather than give front line dental treatment as part of the NHS 'free at the point of care'.

      So here's my wish list for the NHS ( and no I don't have a magic money tree ) :

      > Inflation plus 3% increase in real funding every year
      > For the NHS to be removed from political control and instead run by medical experts alongside non-political, independent experts
      > Front line dental treatment to be free ( teeth are a part of our health after all )
      > Free eye tests for those that don't get them from their employers
      > All front line NHS staff to get indexed link pay rises every year without fail
      > A law passed prevent drugs companies taking the piss on the cost of drugs
      > Free morphine ..... it's bloody good stuff !!!

      OK, maybe not the last one.

      And finally, something I've also learned, make sure you get regular dental checkups - I'm taking treatment to get over my fear as I don;t want that to ever happen to me again.
      Glad you are ok, and a perfect illustration how the NHS is just amazing in situations like yours.

      Funny, I remember you posting you hated dentists in a thread about them. I was the same, didn't go for 15 years. So stupid. Got over it and went. Doesn't bother me at all now.

      NHS saved my Dad from the brink of death. They did their damndest to save my brother too. The people who work in it are incredible.
      With all due respect we should be beating teams like Brighton.
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      Quote Originally Posted by portlock seagull View Post
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      I’m not an expert but nor are you. The bit you should have picked up more is the experts who have informed me and shaped my opinion. To dismiss as ‘utter bollocks’ just screams of you raging against the machine probably because of your closer proximity to. Hard to be impartial about anything you’re heavily invested in afterall. And if labour governed over 1000 years of NHS crisis management it would STILL be all the fault of the tories...zzzzzzz (btw, it isn’ case you’re interested. So I’ll say no more )
      As an employee of the NHS for 26 years, and head of department for a frontline clinical service I would concur with HWT. Generally the labour government was good for the NHS, although a few of the targets they put in place are a bit suspect. The one big f*** up they made however was PFI.
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      Still needs more money however we need to tighten up on no shows for appointments.
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      not denying how lucky we are to have the NHS, but did we go so over the top for the 50th or 60th anniversaries ?
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      Having friends who work for the nhs, they don't want a party, they want more resources.

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      Quote Originally Posted by portlock seagull View Post
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      Blimey, you've been in a coma not just away! We privatised energy, water, telecoms whilst hardly a major British brand isn't foreign owned these days. Wembley's up next btw. Not sure what other family silver is left to sell. Danny Dyer perhaps?
      I see. So you believe Tony Blair privatised the NHS then. I think you are so very wide of the mark that the curvature of the earth is preventing you from having even the slightest glimpse of it. Introducing different ways to service the NHS and privatising the NHS are two very very things.

      As we move forward we'll have to be even more creative when looking for ways to guarantee the access to the NHS that we all have.

      Long live the NHS.
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